Standards-Based Grading Cheat Sheet

This page is one of the several documents that come in the binders that I distribute to students (post on that soon once I get photos of assembling them this week). It is a quick reference sheet about some of the aspects of the grading policy for my class.

5 thoughts on “Standards-Based Grading Cheat Sheet

    1. It will change this year, but last year I started writing many of my tests from the Modeling tests. I modified to match the depth and scope of my class and to balance for the standards that I needed to assess. This year, I’m planning to assess more frequently, so tests in general will look a bit different.

    1. Hey Laura,

      That’s a great question. I tried to address some of that in a more recent post ( The very short summary is that several objectives should be assessed by each question (they should be in context, not in isolation). I do a quiz every week, but there are many good ways to handle the frequency of assessment question—just depends on what will work for your school and your students.


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